Maintenance Programme

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Our Plumbing, Gas Fitting and Roof Repairs Maintenance includes fast, efficient service with the added benefit of being able to sign up to our Programmed Maintenance Schedule.

We will assess your property’s needs and propose an Annual or Bi-annual Programme to

  • Clean gutters
  • Patch roof work
  • Clean water filters/ aerators
  • Check hot water systems and valves
  • Service Gas appliances
  • Gas safety check and Gas certificates
  • Check toilet inlets and under water washers and any other services your property may require

This system gives you peace of mind that we will monitor and maintain your asset and report back to you with photos and detailed reports. When you need maintenance and cleaning to your plumbing system, call us. Maintenance can help keep your residential plumbing system in good health and minimise repair costs.

Our clients include high profile Property Management Companies within the Auckland Area and we have developed a Maintenance System that helps remove the stress of continuous maintenance of your property.

Plumbuilt crew employs the most consistent experts. We offer a wide range of plumbing services, from new plumbing and water heater installation to major pipe refitting projects.